51 Powercat


51 PowercatLooking for a touch of Luxury? VI Sailing School’s newest, our 2013 44′ Leopard Catamaran features a very quiet generator (for A/C if desired at anchor), larger cabins with walk around beds and a dedicated shower area in each head.

The Leopard 44′ was designed by Morrelli & Melvin, designers of the record breaking racing catamaran PlayStation, and built by Robertson & Caine in South Africa. These cats are good performers & premier cruisers as well. Since their introduction 3 years ago, they have won multiple awards and hearts with their comfort, space, styling and perfomance. They have 4 spacious cabins available to accommodate up to 10 people (Whole boat charter only). This being double occupancy in 3 cabins, 2 in salon, plus one each in the forward bow berths. Though, for our regular all inclusive “book per cabin classes”, it is our policy to keep classes to a maximum of 6 students.


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  2011 or newer Leopard Catamaran 44'