VI Sailing School/Charter: 1st ASA school back up in the V.I.s

ASA School Open the the V.I.s

Class is in session!

V.I. Sailing School was the first to begin classes again from their base in Red Hook, St. Thomas USVI for the 2017/2018 season both as an ASA Certified School and Charter company.

For whose who follow our blog, you know that we sailed out of harms way and came back at the end of October. (If you haven’t read up on our adventures, just scroll down). We’ve already had three classes and we are solid and functionally for the new season. But people are slow to return, not sure of what they will find.

Now that we have been up and running for the month of November, we can report the following:

Getting around and having adequate power are still problems for those dwelling on land. But the beaches, the ocean and even all the foliage is looking better than ever. If you want to be loved to death by people seeing boaters (and their livelihood) returning, if you want to get a mooring ball at the most popular resorts like Foxy’s or Pirates Bight at Norman Island (both now open) at 4pm… you can. If you want to anchor in the most beautiful bays and have them all to yourself. You can. 

So in addition to people even being MORE welcoming, the crowds being non-existent, we are adding our own incentive:

Low Season Rates over All the Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.(that’s 15% off).  So while the cold of winter has started to bite, there has never been a better time to come down and advance your sailing know-how (or just get out of the cold for some tropical fun) during High Season. You can do so at low season cost, without high season crowds.


Capt Scott

Tropical Blue Caribbean Sailing School

Come on down. The waters great.

After the Hurricane, time to help

the moorings after

Irma came through the first week of September. Jose was close behind, delaying the departure of Silver Lining from my hurricane hole in St Croix. I finally did leave at 3am that Monday, taking 16 hours to get to St Kitts.

Silver Lining came out of the water the following Wednesday. That Friday, September 15th I took a commercial flight back to the mainland. The following Tuesday, Hurricane Maria (now also a category 5) hit St Kitts, then St Croix and with particular cruelty, the island of Puerto Rico. But our little boatyard in St Kitts held up well. When I will return there on October13th, I will post photos of why we weathered Hurricane Maria.

I, along with a small crew will return to the VIs on October 22rd or 23th with both Silver Lining and Speculation. My #1 mission will be helping with whatever I can in the VIs (Both US and British). Their needs are changing as the situation develops, but currently there seems to be a lack of understanding about the situation on the ground, along with bureaucratic red tapeā€¦ which does not exist for me.

Though I will be one of the first (if not THE first) sailing schools back on line, I will be overly provisioned and fueled up, with water-maker running and in contact with (communications willing) ANYONE I can raise in the VIs, and take it from there.

Anyone that has a line of communication with the VIs, please contact me directly. All help is greatly appreciated.


Capt Scott

VI Sailing School

805 850 8135

Welcome Aboard!

Thanks for checking out our new website! We truly hope you can sail with us in the real world some day – although the USVIs certainly seem beyond real – but until then we’d love it if you would hang out with us here now and then.

We admit we’ll be doing our best to get you to check “Learn to Sail in Paradise” off your bucket list. For instance, check out these pretty dreamy photos of the islands taken during an actual week at “school.”

Mostly, though, we’re hoping to convey the power that sailing has to help us transcend the ordinary and to imagine new possibilities, on the ocean and in the every day.

We’ve got lots of exciting things planned over the next few weeks to celebrate our “christening”, so stay tuned!The ocean is waiting. See you soon?

Able Seaman