ASA Assisting Sailing Schools in Hurricane Hit Areas with Direct Financial Incentives to Students.

Silver Lining with Tortola in the background. Looks like the 70s. (No Crowds)

Silver Lining with Tortola in the background. Looks like the 70s. (No Crowds!)

Virgin Island Sailing School students are elligible for a $200 payment direct from ASA on all of V.I. Sailing School’s 6 to 8 day cruising courses. Check Schedule Here.

Here is ASA’s “fine print”:

To qualify for the $200.00 dollar reward on charters or sailing lessons, each customer must:

  1. Book by January 15, 2018 and complete your trip prior to May 1, 2018,
  2. Spend a minimum of $1,000 on the charter or lesson, and
  3. Be 21 years or older at time of booking, and
  4. Be a resident of the United States.

Since offer is limited to one student per class, V. I. Sailing School is taking it one step further by adding $150 discount for each and every student booking by January 15th, AND V.I.S.S. will extend the trip period through July 31, 2017. So be the first to open a class and get a total of $350 for single occupancy or $500 double occupancy in savings! Even if you are joining an already booked class, V.I.S.S. will discount $150 per person. Total savings of up to $1100 per week possible! So now is a good time to invite a few friends. You must email, call or register through the V.I. Sailing School website and mention “ASA Offer” to be eligible.

More ASA “fine print”:

To claim reward, customers must submit proof of payment and age via this claim form prior to June 30, 2018. Proof of payment must include ASA Affiliate name, location, date of booking and date of trip. Only one claim permitted per charter/sailing course. Only the first 100 claims will be issued a reward. ASA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject a claim for any reason.