Back to the BVIs, Post Irma #2

Forgot to mention in my last post that our “Big Night Out” on Saba was preceded by washing off a few days of salt, dressing up nice,  then a dinghy ride that left us slightly wetter than if we would have swam ashore… all the while laughing. I had the right crew!

Back on St Kitts. I talked to the locals about all the sea life that was there in Frigate Bay in August, now gone. The general consensus was that it was all buried by sand dragged down the beach from another part of the island. More on that later…. But we did find a nice wreck, maybe 100 years old judging by the electrical equipment. And lots of fish.

caribbean wreck free diving

One of the many wrecks on St Kitts.

Shallow wreck. Great for free diving (aka snorkeling)

Shallow wreck. Great for free diving (aka snorkeling)

When we came across a couple of lion fish, I went right back for my Hawaiian sling. If you are wondering why, Click Here

irradicate Lion Fish.

Ryan slays two Lion Fish with one shot.

All in all we speared 8 lion fish, but there were still that many more. These all being too small to eat, but I can tell you from first hand experience, they are tasty. Just be careful cleaning them.

Lion fish kill in the carribean

Look but don’t touch. Highly poisonous spines.

During another morning of snorkeling, Chris came back on deck and sheepishly said, “It looks like there are a couple of canons down there.” So we all went down for a look. And yep. there they were.

Pirate ship canon or?

Brushing of the sand.

Deep Sea Treasure

Down for 100s of years with little sea growth. Buried since???

So finished another great day. My students passed all there ASA levels and were off the next morning along with my wife, all flying out of St Kitts leaving Ryan and I to return Speculation back to the VIs for the upcoming (post hurricane) school season.

Caribbean rum at sunset

They go down in this order: 1-An Anchor. 2- Drinks. 3-The Sun. Life is always better on a boat. And/or where it takes you. No Roads Required.

Coming up next. St Kitts to Cooper Island BVI. Being the only sailboat on the water. What we found over the next three days.