After the Hurricane, time to help

the moorings after

Irma came through the first week of September. Jose was close behind, delaying the departure of Silver Lining from my hurricane hole in St Croix. I finally did leave at 3am that Monday, taking 16 hours to get to St Kitts.

Silver Lining came out of the water the following Wednesday. That Friday, September 15th I took a commercial flight back to the mainland. The following Tuesday, Hurricane Maria (now also a category 5) hit St Kitts, then St Croix and with particular cruelty, the island of Puerto Rico. But our little boatyard in St Kitts held up well. When I will return there on October13th, I will post photos of why we weathered Hurricane Maria.

I, along with a small crew will return to the VIs on October 22rd or 23th with both Silver Lining and Speculation. My #1 mission will be helping with whatever I can in the VIs (Both US and British). Their needs are changing as the situation develops, but currently there seems to be a lack of understanding about the situation on the ground, along with bureaucratic red tape… which does not exist for me.

Though I will be one of the first (if not THE first) sailing schools back on line, I will be overly provisioned and fueled up, with water-maker running and in contact with (communications willing) ANYONE I can raise in the VIs, and take it from there.

Anyone that has a line of communication with the VIs, please contact me directly. All help is greatly appreciated.


Capt Scott

VI Sailing School

805 850 8135

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  1. BVIs are officially opening November 1. Stores and other supplies nowith looking good. They officially want visitors! Please let me know if you have additional questions. Cheers Captain Scott

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